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It looks like you're using a mobile device. While that fine, Carbon works by downloading a zip file. Most mobile or tablet devices can't support donwloading of files so you might want to come back on a desktop browser.

Don't be gone for too long, I miss you already.

Depending on the project you're working on there can be a lot of dependencies and resources that have to be downloaded, stored in the correct place and set up.

Carbon can help, All you need to do is to select the resources your project needs and Carbon will build you a project folder ready for you to download.

If you choose Foundation or Bootstrap it'll even set you up with a html document in the correct format.

You can't ask for more than that.

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Have I missed something?

Carbon is still a new project so I haven't added as many resourses as I'd like to. I will continue to add things and make improvements.

If you think there is a glaring omission then please let me know. Just use the form to tell me what you think I'm missing and I'll do what we can to add it in. It would be really helpful if you left your email address, that way I can let you know whats going on or maybe discuss your requests.

I'm desperate for Carbon to be a successful project and that means I'm keen to please.

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